When was the last time your home received a health checkup?

When was the last time your home received a health checkup?

A healthy home provides a safe and healthy environment for your family.  We spend about 70% of our lives INSIDE our homes.  These numbers suggest that the condition of the home is a primary factor in a person’s overall health. If your home has problems, your health may be suffering, too.

The good news is that most home-based hazards are preventable. And it starts with getting your home inspected.

Of the 137 million homes in the United States:

  • 30 million have a defective heating, plumbing, or electrical system;
  • 12 million have problems with water leaks;
  • 4 million have experienced mold problems within the last year; and
  • 7 million have serious damage to the roof.

Poor housing conditions also include:

  • a dilapidated exterior;
  • structural problems;
  • pests;
  • flaking paint

These conditions are all associated with a wide range of health issues, including injuries due to accidents, respiratory illnesses such as asthma, lead poisoning, and even cancer.

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