Protect your lawn in extreme heat

Happy Thursday!!  We’re headed for some real extreme heat this weekend.  Here are some tips on how to protect your lawn from the 100°+ temperatures coming our way.

Deep Watering Less Often Is Best

Watering less frequently will help your lawn become more resilient. Once or twice a week should be enough to sustain your yard. The roots will grow deeper in order to reach water during dry spells.

A good rule of thumb is to provide about an inch of water per week. Remember to water during the coolest times of the day, such as very early in the morning. This will avoid losing too much moisture to evaporation.

Feed Your Lawn Regularly

Fertilizing your lawn regularly will help it to stay healthy and make it more resistant to extreme conditions. The grass will grow in thick, crowding out weeds and keeping the soil cool below it. The cooler soil will retain moisture better, which in turn helps the grass when water is scarce. Remember that within a few weeks of applying fertilizer, the nutrients in the soil start to become depleted. By re-applying fertilizer on a regular schedule, the lawn will have a constant supply of vital nutrients.

Cut Grass High

Another great tip for summer lawn care is to cut grass high. As grass blades grow taller, the roots naturally grow deeper. By setting the mower blade to the highest setting, the yard will look tidy and the extra height will promote root growth. The grass will be less thirsty as a result.

Keep cool everyone and have a wonderful weekend.

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