Keep times Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree…with these safety tips! 🎄

Once again, many of us this year will choose to get a live Christmas tree.  It’s very important to keep in mind these safety tips when choosing a tree to keep your family and home safe from a potential fire hazard.  Each year, Christmas tree fires cause about $13 Million in damage.

Keep times Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree...with these helpful safety tips.

  • Fresh trees are less likely to catch fire, so look for a tree with vibrant green needles that are hard to pluck and don’t break easily from its branches. The tree shouldn’t be shedding its needles readily.
  • Always place your tree away from heat sources like fireplaces, radiators, candles, heat vents or lights, and keep the tree base filled with water to avoid a dry out.
  • Once you get it home, make sure to water it regularly, or else it will dry out and be more likely to catch fire.
  • Make sure to test any lights or electric ornaments before you put them on the tree.  Check to make sure your indoor and outdoor Christmas lights have been tested in a lab by the UL or ETL/ITSNA for safety, and throw out any damaged lights if they aren’t working properly.
  • Any lights you use outdoors must be labeled suitable for exterior placement, and be sure to plug them into a ground-fault circuit interrupter protected receptacle. Don’t overload an outlet by plugging in a bunch of lights.
  • Keep all your holiday candles away from your Christmas tree, surrounding furniture and décor.
  • Don’t forget to turn your Christmas tree lights off each night when going to bed.

Be safe and happy during this holiday season!

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