It’s all about SERVICE…

Think about it:  whether you are an agent, a manager, an accountant or lawyer, agent op's, a marketing associate, engineer, designer, etc, we are ALL in the 'hospitality' business. Each and every one of us plays an important role in making sure someone else (or many) are well-taken care of. The more we can take care of others within our area of specialty or responsibility - the more successful we will all be.
Whether it’s the team effort required to resolve a crisis or issue, or it’s the way we speak and communicate to one another, customers or clients, always try to think "While people remember actions, they are much more likely to remember how they FELT through any interaction." 
I personally am building my business based on these 5 rules:
1.   Be Genuine. Demonstrate genuine caring by listening and acknowledging fully the need of 'the other."
2.   Communicate with Kindness. A consistently empathetic, calming, friendly, well-mannered voice - whether live or in writing - is essential.
3.   Always be Professional and don't give up. Competency and results matter. And follow up.
4.   End with a Smile. Whether you've accomplished your goal, but more importantly, when the outcome isn't as you've hoped - be sure to end things with a smile.
5.   Feel-good:  Do everything in your power to make the 'other' feel good about the subject and how you addressed it. Little gestures make big impressions.
Apply this mentality to your daily life - especially your professional life - and you are certain to RISE TO THE TOP!

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