Considering buying a flipped house?

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Buying a flipped home can be a wonderful thing.  Afterall, who doesn’t like a kitchen with shiny new appliances or a sparkling tile backsplash adorned with eye popping finishes , fresh paint and new floors?  I certainly do and the current home my family and I are living in is a flipped house, so this is not to say that there aren’t some great, quality flips out there, because there are plenty of them. But beware, because for some, behind those fancy finishes and a fresh coat of paint, big problems could be lurking.  Here are some things you should look for and certainly make sure your home inspector checks out!!

A brand-new interior can lend a false sense of security if the home’s core systems haven’t been touched. And if there is a problem behind those freshly painted walls and custom cabinets—a rusty pipe fitting, some old wiring—it might end up ruining your brand new kitchen before all’s said and done.   

Ideally, a renovator will upgrade important stuff like the plumbing, heating, and electrical systems if needed. But replacing a roof, furnace, making sure your HVAC system is functioning properly or drain line lacks the open house wow power of “making the place look pretty” as that can have a bigger impact on the sales price, dollar for dollar, than replacing equipment like a boiler.  

A proper remodel takes time.  `If you’re looking at a flipped property (an easy way to tell is by checking the date and price of the last sale), you should at the very least contact the local building department to be sure the developer pulled the proper permits and the work passed inspection.

Electrical updates.  The home inspector can make sure your home is wired to code, as many people do their own wiring and they don’t know how to code it. This is a great safety and fire hazard.

Look down at what’s under your feet. If they’ve got flooring butted up to base molding and butted up to door jambs, that’s a big red flag.  One house I inspected, had brand new carpeting on the living room floor, but when I stepped, the floor gave in a bit and I thought I was going to fall right down to the basement!!

To be sure that the flipped home you are interested in is up to par, here are some suggested things to do and asked for from the flipper.

  • Make sure the flipper used a licensed contractor.
  • Request an updated disclosure statement from the seller.
  • Request a list of work done, including receipts and warranty information (water heaters, plumbing, electrical, HVAC).
  • Check for all permits on the property and the upgrades.
  • Make sure the property has a certificate of occupancy.

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